Choosing the right real estate agent comes down to a particular mix of experience and chemistry.  Since this is someone you are likely to spend months working with, it makes sense to find someone who not only knows what they are doing but also seems to have your best interests in mind.

A popular strategy is to ask friends and family who they used for prior real estate transactions. This approach will help you narrow down a pool of agents that you can interview. Interviewing two to three agents is an excellent way to get an idea of their skill sets and personalities.

A second strategy is to think local. Since you have likely zeroed in on a particular area you would like to live, find an agent that understands the nuances of the area. They should be able to tell you some details about what sold recently and about the schools, taxes, and other details pertinent to a home buyer.

A third strategy is to find an agent that is accustomed to working with people that are new to real estate.  They expect there to be some "hand holding" and will work with you to manage expectations.  If you are selling your home, they should be able to lay out a marketing plan and provide you with details on how to prepare your home to sell.  More importantly, they should be enthusiastic about the property and genuinely interested in helping you through the process. If you are buying a home, it will be helpful to know what you should expect regarding how often you will see houses.  The agent will be able to give you a plan on how many homes you should expect to see per week.

And lastly, don't be shy. Buying or selling your home is a big deal. It's ok to ask lots of questions and explain what you are looking for up front. This helps you clarify your expectations and helps the agent create a personalized strategy for your particular situation!

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