Selling your home can be a source of stress, but it doesn't have to be.  Sometimes we have emotional attachments to our homes; sometimes it's just about feeling overwhelmed by what needs to be done to get it ready to sell.

The number one thing when it comes to selling your home is to choose an agent that makes you feel comfortable. They help you take some of the emotion out of the event by being a buffer between you and the negotiations. It is important that you choose a full-time agent so they can handle the inevitable problems that crop up such as items needing signatures to scheduling inspections. And, a great real estate agent will give you a plan of action for all the other little things that can seem time-consuming when you don't know where to start.

First, your agent will price your home right. You may know what you paid for the house when you bought it, what your cousin thinks it's worth, and what the neighbor down the street has theirs listed for - but it is much more than that. The right agent understands the dynamics of your neighborhood. They will have an idea of what the market has been like over the past year, and what it is projected to be like for the foreseeable future.  Real estate agents also have access to snapshots of comparable homes that sold recently and can use that along with the market conditions in the neighborhood to generate a price point that makes sense.

Next, you will want to make the home feel welcoming. Your home should be clean, bright, cheery, and smell nice. This is important whether you are still living in the home or not. If you are not residing in the home, it is essential that someone is available to do a walk through once a week to dust and check for issues.  If that is not possible, it should be done in advance of each showing. If you are still living in the home, you still must keep it clean, decluttered and fresh smelling.  No one can be the perfect housekeeper all the time, but first impressions are everything.  A potential buyer can't help but be put off by the dog smell, things that need to be put away, and dirty dishes - especially if the other homes they are seeing are vacant. 

Speaking of clutter, staging your home is an excellent way to make an impression on potential buyers. This brings us to the third tip for selling your home. Maximize its features by minimizing your things. You should do this by clearing out items in the closets, and by highlighting unique nooks, windows, and other architectural features that make your home special. Put away personal items, and organize drawers and cabinets. It may be tempting to shove a bunch of things in closets and cabinets, but the majority of people are looking for storage space and will open those areas! If you are still living in the home take this as an excellent opportunity to begin packing items you don't use every day. This will help the home look clean, and it will help you get started with the moving process.

And finally, take this as the opportunity to button up your home. Do those small repairs that you have been putting off, such as fixing the broken landscaping blocks, repairing the leaky faucet, securing the loose banister, etc. It is also a perfect time to make SMALL home improvements - think cabinet hardware and fresh paint. This is not the time to start gutting the kitchen or adding on a room.  Experts agree that the small things make a difference and create a lasting impression. Updated light fixtures, faucets, and beautiful door knobs and cabinet pulls create a polished presentation and are easier to recoup in the sale price than a $10,000 kitchen remodel.

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